Airplane Unblocked


Airplane is a single-player arcade-style shooting game. This is a 2D game. To win this game, you have to eliminate all other enemy planes. Some planes have more health than others. Power-ups are also often dropped throughout the sky. Fly into them to earn the power-up. Some power-ups will give you health back. Make sure to watch your own health! Don’t let it drop below zero! To upgrade your Airplane, make sure to pause the game and select upgrades.


To move the Airplane, move the mouse up & down. To shoot, just click.


The objective of the game is to upgrade your plane as much as possible and survive as many waves as possible.

    • Each game is quick
    • Easy to learn controls
    • Easy to learn gameplay
Tips & Tricks

To eliminate an enemy plane, shoot at the plane when you pass it, but then move away from the enemy before the bullet makes contact with you. Always check your upgrades when you can. This can be accessed in the pause menu. Always collect crates when possible. They give you health and power-ups.

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