Among Us Unblocked


Among Us Online is an arcade mystery game. Find out who is the imposter! In this game, you can either be a crewmate or imposter. You can decide from the menu. This version of Among Us Unblocked is only single-player, not multi0player. Among Us Free is a challenging game where you have to complete tasks without dying to the imposter. You also have to catch the imposter! 


To move around, use WASD. All other buttons are on the screen to click.


If you are the imposter, the objective of the game is to blend in with crewmates and fake tasks. Your other task is to kill all other crewmates without them suspecting you as the imposter. If you are a crewmate, then you have to finish tasks set by the game and find out who the impostor is without dying. 

    • Simple, easy gameplay
    • Short, fun rounds
    • Two moeds
    • Multiple maps
    • Tons of settings
    • And much more!
Tips & Tricks

If you are the impostor, wait until you are alone with only one crewmate to kill them. No one will know that you killed them! Also, if you kill in a crowd of people, make sure you report the body. Never forget to fake tasks as an impostor! If you are a crewmate, then stay away from everyone. Try and finish your tasks quickly without being killed. Also, keep an eye out if you see the impostor kill someone. Make sure to press the report button!

Information About Among Us Unblocked

After 2 years of release and receiving many estrangements from Among Us players, the game suddenly became a worldwide craze. The explosive period of the game is probably early 2020 when the world is suffering the first crisis due to radiation around the world. Among Us saw a record increase in players, increasing nearly 500 times over the same period last year.

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More Information About Among Us No Download

Are you looking to play Among Us unblocked at school? Among us unblocked is the browser version of Innersloth’s popular multiplayer social-deduction game. The game, in which the crewmate players aim to repair the ship and find the impostors among them, while the impostors try to work their way towards murdering crewmates and destroying the spaceship or base, is typically blocked from access by school administrators. Among us is among the best unblocked games, so it’s no wonder people are looking for ways to access it.

– Excerpt from BorderPorlar
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