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Drift Hunters Online is a 3D car drifting game with an excellent selection of tracks and plenty of tuned-up cars. Pick your motor, tune it, then rev your engine and drift the turns in one of 10 unique locations. You can play Drift Hunters in your web browser for free.

Tips & Tricks To Win In Drift Hunters Unblocked

There are many tricks in drift hunters that you can use to your advantage. For example, saving up money, and buying the best car. The best car is Porsche 911 GT (993). In this game, you can tune cars/upgrade cars. More information about this can be found below this section. Another tip for drifting in Drift Hunters unblocked is to watch your acceleration (MPH) when nearing corners while drifting. Make sure to also use certain maps for the best drifting experience. Also, drifting side-to-side helps the drift to never end, leading to maximum money and points.

Best Parts In Drift Hunters 

There are some basic upgrades for Drift Hunters and there some advanced upgrades for Drift Hunters. For the basic upgrades, first, simply, go to the parts section on the main menu and then upgrade the engine and the turbo to “Racing”. This can be done without playing because of the free 25,000 in-game credits. Then, upgrade the gearbox to “Racing” with the remaining 7700 credits.

Objective Of Unblocked Drift Hunters

The objective of the game is to earn money to upgrade your car, which leads to better drifting.

What Is Unblocked Drift Hunters?

Drift Hunters unblocked is an awesome 3D car driving game in which you score points by drifting various cars. These points earn you money, that you can spend to upgrade your current car or buy a new one. The game stands out because of its realistic drifting physics and its various driving environments. There is a new version of drift hunters that have come out. That version is called “Drift Hunters MAX”. It is playable on


Use the arrow keys, WASD to drive. Use space to use the handbrake. Use left shift to shift up gears, and use left CTRL to shift down gears. Use C to change the camera position.

Game Developer

Drift Hunters Unblocked is made by Studionum43 (Ilya Kaminetsky). You can support this developer’s game here.

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Drift Hunters unblocked is currently available on the web, mobile phones (iOS and Android), and

    • 26 customizable cars
    • 10 different locations to drift around
    • Ability to tune and modify all parts of your car
    • Amazing 3D graphics that you can adjust in settings

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More Information About Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters is a free-to-play browser drifting game. Drift a selection of high-performance tuner cars on a variety of exciting tracks. The game uses the UNITY engine which means a completely 3D world with realistic physics and a solid frame rate. Starting with the iconic Toyota Corolla AE86 as you hit the track and improve your drifting techniques you can unlock cars including Nissan S13, Toyota Supra, 2015 Mustang an RWB 911, and many more. You can customize your car to your heart’s content, modifying both visual tuning and performance. Five different race circuits are at your disposal, so what are you waiting for? Turn the key!

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