Fireboy And Watergirl Unblocked


Fireboy and Watergirl Unblocked is a fun, platformer game for all ages. Firboy and Watergirl 1 is the first fire boy and water girl game in the fireboy and watergirl game series. This unblocked fireboy and watergirl game are otherwise known as the forest temple edition, or fireboy and water girl forest temple. In this watergirl and fireboy game, there are many levels with new obstacles.

Game Developer

The game is made by Oslo Albet in 2009. They have also made many other versions of this game, which will be coming to this website soon.


Use the arrow keys to move the fireboy, aka. the red character. Use WAD to move the watergirl, aka. the blue character. To move switches, run over them. Use space to use the handbrake.

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The objective of the game is to beat each level in a short amount of time to earn stars. This fireboy and watergirl unblocked game can be challenging.


This game is currently available on the web. There will be more versions added to this website soon. (Fireboy and Watergirl 2, Fireboy and Watergirl 3, etc.)

    • Play together with a friend
    • Overcome deadly traps and puzzles
    • Explore the Forest Temple
    • Defeat 32 challenging levels
Good Information To Know

Some good information to know about Fireboy and Watergirl unblocked is that the green liquid/lakes are deadly to all players. Also, if the fireboy goes into the water, they die. Also, if the watergirl goes into the lava, they die. Make sure to have teamwork, or no one can pass. It might be tempting to run ahead with one character and try to finish the level with them before you go to the other, but there are some levels where this is just not possible. Some levels have switches and buttons that require you to use both characters to get through. Make sure to use both Fireboy and Watergirl in tandem to help you beat each level.

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More Information About Fireboy and Watergirl Unblocked

Play Fireboy and Watergirl 1: Forest Temple Unblocked. Help Fireboy and Watergirl get to the end of the maze as fast as possible! Complete all the levels as fast as you can!. Fireboy watergirl forest temple unblocked Note: This game may be blocked on your WiFi depending on how it is set up.

– Excerpt from Cookieduck
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