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1v1.Lol Unblocked

About‎ 1v1.LOL Unblocked unblocked, otherwise known as 1v1 lol unblocked is a battle-royale-styled game. It’s like Fortnite, there is building, and fighting. You can choose from multiple weapons and multiple builds. 1v1 is a third-person action shooter that borrows inspiration from Fortnite. The game gives you the ability to fight against your opponents on a common ground where both of you are given the same guns, ammunition, and building abilities. Your goal is to build safe structures, keep your ammo full and simply take out your opponent before dying.

Game Developer

The game is made by You can support this developer’s website here.


Use WASD to move forward, backward, right, and left. Right-click to scope in. Left-click to shoot. Use 1, 2, and 3 to switch weapons. Use F to switch to your pickaxe. Use space to jump. Use R to reload. 

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There are a few fighting games on this website. Shell Shockers and Bullet Force are available to play on this website. The game, “Fortnite“, is very similar.


The objective of the game is to eliminate your opponent as fast as you can. 


This game is currently available on the web and mobile phones (iOS and Android).

    • Multiple weapons
    • Multiplayer support
    • Party functionality
    • Multiple game modes
    • Building feature
    • Account feature
    • Customizable keybinds
    • Controller support
All Gamemodes In Unblocked

All of the unblocked game modes are listed below. 

    • 1v1
    • Box 2v2
    • 1v1 Arena
    • Zone Duos
    • Free Build
    • Aim Trainer
    • Pipe Run
    • Zombies
    • Deathmatch
    • Mini Box
    • Box
    • Vikings Deathmatch
    • Zone
    • Race
    • City Zone
More Information About Gamemodes In Unblocked

Battle Royale: Battle royale pits you against 9 different random players from around the world on the same map. With a total of 10 players on the map, the goal is simple, to be the last man surviving. You can build elaborate structures, stay away from hidden in a corner, or start shooting everyone right from the start, the choice is completely yours.

Box Fights: Box fights are more focused on players that are familiar with your traditional style FPS shooters and are just learning to build. Box fights put you and 7 other players on a map that is in the shape of a box with an impenetrable roof. This prevents players from building high-rise structures which can sometimes be an unfair advantage.

Party Mode: As discussed earlier, party mode allows you to host your own matches in a custom room. You simply need to create a room and share the room id with your friends who can then join you in the game. You can then play tons of different matches together and even hold build-offs against each other. 1v1

Competitive Mode: This mode focuses on the competitive side of 1v1. If you have been playing the game for a while now and would like to test your skills against other players, then this would be the best place to get started. Every win in the competitive mode will help you climb up the leaderboard in a bid to become the best 1v1 player in the world.

Just Build Mode: This is more of a practice session where you can test your building strategies, create new structures and get used to the process in general. Most players in are pretty good at building structures within seconds, so if you are looking to practice your building skills then the just build mode is the perfect choice for you.


1v1 LOL Official Statement

This is the official statement from about the game.

“In 1v1.LOL, we’ve managed to create an online shooting PVP simulator to fight against your opponents and use different construction modes to cover up from the enemies. You can use a ramp, wall, or ceiling to cover yourself, dodge the bullets of your real opponents and attack them with your favorite weapons to achieve your 1v1 fps victory.”

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More Information About Unblocked

Play Unblocked! Basically a copy a Fortnite, is based off a 1v1 scenario in Fortnite with building and a loadout. 1v1lol Note: This game may be blocked on your WiFi depending on how it is set up.

– Excerpt from CookieDuck

More Information About 1v1 Lol Unblocked is a browser-based application that can run in chrome or any other browser for that matter, which is what makes it special. This gives you the ability to play the game on virtually any system as long as you have integrated graphics. You can use this link to start playing the game right now. It has tons of customizability and the ability to change your name in each game.

– Excerpt from NerdsChalk
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