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      Shell Shockers Unblocked


Shell Shockers Unblocked is a fun, multiplayer shooter game. unblocked is a game where you have to the most eliminations to win. You spawn in a small map with other enemies, and you have to eliminate them.


Use WASD to move forward, backwards, right, and left. Use shift to scope in. Use Q to throw the grenade. Use space to jump. Use R to reload. Use E to swap weapon.


There are many weapons to chose from ion this game, each weapon with a different ability. The EggK-47 is a excellent rifle with a high rate of fire. It is best used at medium range. This gun does little damage every shot. Another gun is the Dozen Gauge. This is a 2-barrel shotgun that eliminates anyone unfortunate enough to be right in front of the shotgun. It is best used at close range and it does high damage. Another gun is the CSG-1. This is a semi-auto rifle with a scope. This is the best at mid-long range, and the damage is ok. This gun is good to counter a sniper-rifle. Another gun is the RPEGG. This is a egg rocket launcher. It is only effective at mid-long range. It is great at clearing groups of eggs, and can also be used as a weapon to counter snipers. One other gun is the SMEGG. This is a devastating close-range submachine gun that puts quantity of bullets over damage.


The developer of is Blue Wizard Digital. You can check them out here.


The objective of the game is to get the most kills while staying alive. This can be challenging, as enemy players could surprise you, but this is possible.

    • Easy to learn gameplay
    • Lots of skins and other cosmetics
    • Lots of servers
    • Sound effects
    • Multiple maps
    • Multiplayer
    • Different weapons
    • Simple and easy controls
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More Information About Shell shockers unblocked

Shell Shockers, also referred to as, is a 3D multiplayer egg-based shooter. In the game, you fight against other online gun-toting eggs. The game has several gaming modes: Free For All, Teams and Captula the Spatula, which is similar to Capture the Flag. Also, it is now possible to fully customize your egg with colors, hats, stamps, and loadout. Go into battle carrying an Eggk-47, RPEGG, or a Crackshot. Don’t forget to use the power-ups by clicking the chicken-nugget in the bottom and be sure to crack those other eggs in battle!

– Excerpt from Poki
More Information About Shellshockers unblocked

Shell Shockers is the world’s most popular egg-based multiplayer first person shooter! Take control of a heavily armed egg and battle real players across multiplayer maps in private or public arenas. … Play on public servers around the world or create your own private game to play an eggciting shooting game with friends!

– Excerpt from
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