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2048 Cupcakes is a math/puzzle game where you need skill and logic to beat the game. To play the game, merge similar cupcakes until you get the rainbow cupcake, and then try to get the highest score. This is a short, single-player game. 2048 Cupcakes gets frustrating at some points. 2048 cupcakes is a variation of the popular game 2048. 2048 cupcakes was made using HTML, CSS, and javascript.


Use the arrow keys or WASD to move the tiles around the board. 


The objective of the game is to reach the rainbow cupcake and get the highest score possible. 

    • Each game is quick
    • Never-ending gameplay
    • Easy to learn the game
All Cupcakes (ranked worst to best)
    • Vanilla Birthday (200 Kcal)
    • Bubblegum Pink (250 Kcal)
    • Sunshine Vanilla (320 Kcal)
    • Valrhona Blonde Ganache (400 Kcal)
    • Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake (500 Kcal)
    • Chocolate Mint Fudge (650 Kcal)
    • Chocolate Spider Web (820 Kcal)
    • Toasted Marshmallow (1000 Kcal)
    • Cookies And Creme (1200 Kcal)
    • Chocolate Sundae (1500 Kcal)
    • White Chocolate Peppermint (2000 Kcal)
    • 2017 Confetti Vanilla (3000 Kcal)
    • Rainbow (5000 Kcal)
How To Beat 2048 Cupcakes

The game is declared won when a cupcake with a value greater than 2048 appears on the board. It does not count towards the score and, therefore, the name of this game. Players can play beyond the 2048 tile to increase their scores. The game is over if the player does not have legal movement (no empty spaces, adjacent tiles of the same worth) 2048 Cupcakes Mechanics Its simple game mechanics allowed it to be used for a promotional video for Myo Gesture Control Armband. The code underneath also allowed it to serve as a teaching aid in programming. The second place winner in a Matlab Central Exchange coding contest was an AI system that could play by itself in play2048. Two tiles of the same number can touch one another to create one tile. This site contains the original 2048 version. 2048 is played on a gray grid of 4×4 tiles. Numbered tiles slide when the player uses the four arrow keys to move them. A new tile with a value of 2 and 4 will appear randomly on the board each turn. 2048 Cupcakes Tiles The tiles will slide in the desired direction until they stop by another tile or the edge of the grid. Cupcakes tiles can collide with each other while they are moving. The resultant tile cannot be merged with another tile during the same move. Tiles with higher scores emit an ethereal glow. The dashboard in the top right shows the user’s score. The score of the user starts at zero. It is then increased by each tile added, based on the value of the new tiles. The current and best scores are displayed alongside the current score, just like in arcade games. A move combines three consecutive tiles of the same price. Only the tiles that are closest to the direction of movement will be combined. If four columns or rows are filled with the same tiles, the move will combine the first two and last two. The board will display a tile with a 2048 value on it. This is the end of the game. Players can play beyond the 2048 tile to increase their scores. The game is over if the player does not have legal movement (no empty spaces, adjacent tiles of the same worth).

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Still confused about the game? You still don’t understand basic rules in the game? Reading is not your thing? In this case, you can check our YouTube guide below. Take a look at how pro players play this game and follow their steps, you can choose your own way of gaming based on pro player’s tips. Anyway check the video, it is really helpful and useful for beginners.

More Information About 2048 Cupcakes

2048 Cupcakes is no ordinary puzzle game; unlike others, it also includes different cakes and their combination, you see in order to succeed here you will have to move different cakes across the board in such a manner that two identical cupcakes should merge into one, it may sound easy at the beginning, but the more units you combine the less space you have for maneuverability. This problem is not so sharp at the early stage of the game, but things quickly change when you combine more complicated cupcakes, if your order on the board is not well organized you will lose the game.

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